An RPG Defense System For the US Military

We have patented a unique method known as the ARC system (Active Rotating Countermeasure), for development and use by the United States Military and its Allies

An RPG Defense System For the US Military

In the ongoing effort to develop a defense against short range ground missiles like RPG’s,  we have patented a unique method known as the ARC system (Active Rotating Countermeasure), for development and use by the United States Military and its Allies

Different than existing systems like the Israeli Trophy System and others, our system, using specialized munitions, poses no threat to friendly troops in the area, and is capable of defeating a wider range of threats. AND, it is the only system capable of defeating multiple simultaneous threats, including the RPG -30 decoy system.

As such, the system is deployable on both ground vehicles like tanks and troop carriers, as well as for the first time, helicopters for whom certain mission profiles put them at great risk for ground based RPG attack.

Primary Components

There are two primary components in our active countermeasures system: One is a continuously rotating turret that through its LIDAR interface can release a countermeasure faster and defeating incoming ordinance further from the vehicle, cutting down concerns over fratricide, or collateral damage. The turret features over a dozen individual countermeasure launchers and is capable of defeating multiple threats, simultaneously.

The second component is the munition. Unlike current “shotgun” type solutions to RPG defense, our solution utilizes a rocket towed barrier (RTB) that is able to deflect incoming ordinance from its primary flight path, rendering it ineffective or disabling it entirely. In this system there is no explosive munition and no significant danger to friendly troops.

Active Rotating Countermeasure (ARC System)

Aka. “The Turret”


The rotating launcher spins constantly, and can deliver ordinance faster defeating objects further away than current Active Countermeasure solutions

Rocket Towed Barrier (RTB) Munition

Illustrated Battlefield Scenario


Munitions used in the turret can take on many forms including that of a kevlar parachute towed by a rocket with a wide, non-lethal RPG intercept range.

Notional Deployment

The ARC system coupled with the RTB (Rocket Towed Barrier) is suitable for deployment on any VTOL aircraft as well as land vehicles.

Advantages of Our System

  • Can be deployed safely on VTOL Aircraft
  • Threat neutralization at safer distances
  • Only System able to defeat RPG 30 Decoy
  • Lower weight and power budget than others
  • Supports aircraft, ground, shipboard and stationary installations
  • Non-Fratricidal Munition
  • Can Defeat Mutiple Simultaneous Threats
  • Supports multiple specialized munitions
  • Leverages already field proven technology
  • Delivery system supports use of future munitions for new threats without retrofit

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