Counter-UAV / RPG Systems
Vehicles and Aircraft

Close-In Kinetic Defensive System for Helicopters and Vehicles.

Multi-Purpose, On-Vehicle Kinetic Layer for Integrated Defensive Systems

The Last Piece of the Defensive Puzzle

A Vehicle-Mounted Kinetic Defensive Layer

Designed to work in conjunction with area standoff c-UAV systems such as RF / Microwave/ Laser

The ARC System provides a kinetic ‘last line’ of defense against weaponized drones, RPG’s, and MANPADS.

The ARC System is the only Active Defensive System conceived for use on Helicopters as well as ground vehicles.

The ARC System can deploy multiple countermeasure types.

The ARC System can engage multiple threats simultaneously or sequentially.

Primary Components

There are two primary components in our active countermeasures system:

First is a continuously rotating turret (ARC) that can aim and project several countermeasures into the pathway of incoming threats in milliseconds. The turret features multiple individual countermeasure munitions and is capable of defeating multiple threats, simultaneously or sequentially. The turret is a natural fit for scanning LIDAR threat sensing, due to its continuous rotation. The ARC turret offers an integrated sensing and deployment platform, which may be optimized for a variety of missions and vehicle types, including hovering aircraft.

Second is the countermeasure munition flexibility. In addition to field-proven “shotgun pellet” countermeasures, our solution can also utilize a Rocket-Towed Barrier (RTB) that is able to obstruct, entangle and deflect incoming ordinance from its primary flight path, rendering it ineffective. In this system there are no rounds or explosive munitions, and therefore little or no collateral danger to people or places near the engagement zone. It is a short-range, stand-off aerial denial countermeasure that relies on a “counter-swarm” of obstructing barriers to defeat threats. The ARC system is capable of launching multiple obstructing barriers into the pathway of incoming threats, which results deflection, momentum transfer and entanglement. This provides a much higher probability of threat encounter and defeat than methods which rely on “hitting a bullet (or drone) with a bullet”. It is also much safer than other kinetic kill proposals as it lacks downrange lethality.

Active Rotating Countermeasure (ARC System)

“The Turret”


The rotating launcher spins constantly, and can deliver ordinance faster defeating objects further away than current Active Countermeasure solutions

Rocket Towed Barrier (RTB) Munition

Illustrated Battlefield Scenario


Munitions used in the turret can take on many forms including that of a kevlar parachute towed by a rocket with a wide, non-lethal RPG intercept range.

Notional Deployment

The ARC system coupled with the RTB (Rocket Towed Barrier) was conceived for deployment on VTOL aircraft as well as land vehicles.

Advantages of Our System

  • Can be deployed safely on VTOL Aircraft
  • Threat neutralization at safer distances
  • Only System able to defeat RPG 30 Decoy
  • Lower weight and power budget than others
  • Supports aircraft, ground, shipboard and stationary installations
  • Non-Fratricidal Munition
  • Can Defeat Mutiple Simultaneous Threats
  • Supports multiple specialized munitions
  • Leverages already field proven technology
  • Delivery system supports use of future munitions for new threats without retrofit

We Are Currently Seeking Development Partners