RPG Active Defense System – Suitable for Gound Vehicles and Helicopters

Active Protection Systems
Rocket Towed Barrier (RTB) Range Testing Conducted For British Television.

While advances in other RPG defense systems such at Trophy have racked up some battlefield success, they are still directed shot systems with serious concerns over the possibility of fratricide. Alleviating those concerns when deploying these systems will require changes to battlefield tactics that may in turn compromise the safety of soldiers in the field who rely on adjacent armored vehicles as shields in certain close formation tactics. Ideally one should not have to trade the security of soldiers in an armored vehicle for the safety of the soldiers outside when implementing active protection. This, and several other factors, are one of the primary weaknesses of so called “directed shot” systems currently under consideration by the US military and others.


The ARC system has the potential to alleviate or remove entirely these concerns. Munitions using our patented “rocket towed barrier” configuration do not present a danger to local troops or machines. There is no shot blast, only a directed deflection barrier in the form of a towed parachute. Because of this the design is specifically suitable for deployment on the underside of hovering vehicles like helicopters or certain other VTOL aircraft.

The final differentiating factor for the ARC system is its continuously rotating design. Unlike Trophy and other systems, the time required to spin and put a munition on target is dramatically reduced, increasing the likelihood that threats will be engaged further from the vehicle, and making simultaneous threat defeat a reality.

Military Vehicle Applicability

The following pictures suggest possible deployment scenarios for the ARC system on a variety of land and air based vehicles.

Helicopter or VTOL – Blackhawk, Chinook, V22 Osprey, etc.

In this example, a pair of turrets could be mounted on either side of the helicopter allowing detection and defeat when both hovering or landed.


Used for special forces deployment/extraction missions, the osprey mission profile is a perfect candidate for a non-lethal RPG defense system like the ARC system using RTB munitions.

Tanks And Troop Carriers

Mounted either on top of the vehicles or one on each side, the ARC system can provide 360 degree threat detection and can engage threats that originate less that 100 yards away.

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Notional Deployment

The unique ARC system coupled with the RTB (Rocket Towed Barrier) is suitable for deployment on any VTOL aircraft as well as land vehicles.

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Advantages of The ARC Design

  • Can be deployed safely on VTOL Aircraft
  • Threat neutralization at safer distances
  • Only System able to defeat RPG 30 Decoy
  • Lower weight and power budget than others
  • Supports aircraft, ground, shipboard and stationary installations
  • Non-Fratricidal Munition
  • Can Defeat Mutiple Simultaneous Threats
  • Supports multiple specialized munitions
  • Leverages already field proven technology
  • Delivery system supports use of future munitions for new threats without retrofit

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