RPG Defense System Patent Information

MorrisIP holds several approved US patents for its RPG defense system. They include patents for the rotating turret technology, its deployment on both land and hovering aircraft, and notional designs for specific munitions meant to be used with the system.

Patent specifications and drawings are available on the USPTO website, and can be downloaded below.

Patent Number: US 8,399,816 B2
“Rocket Propelled Barrier Defense System”

Patent Number: US 8,122,810 B2
“Rocket Propelled Barrier Defense System”

Patent Number: US 8,536,500  B2
System and Method for Rapid Aiming and Firing of Defense Countermeasures

Notional Deployment

The unique ARC system coupled with the RTB (Rocket Towed Barrier) is suitable for deployment on any VTOL aircraft as well as land vehicles.

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Advantages of The ARC Design

  • Can be deployed safely on VTOL Aircraft
  • Threat neutralization at safer distances
  • Only System able to defeat RPG 30 Decoy
  • Lower weight and power budget than others
  • Supports aircraft, ground, shipboard and stationary installations
  • Non-Fratricidal Munition
  • Can Defeat Mutiple Simultaneous Threats
  • Supports multiple specialized munitions
  • Leverages already field proven technology
  • Delivery system supports use of future munitions for new threats without retrofit

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