Directed Shot Countermeasure For RPG Defense

Our Directed Shot Countermeasure (DSTC) takes a proven method of defeating RPG’s and improves on it, making it more accurate, less fratricidal, and capable of defeating multiple simultaneous incoming threats.

Existing field-deployed Active Protection Systems utilize a “shotgun-type” pellet storm to defeat incoming missile threats (i.e. Rafael Trophy®). Limitations to existing systems include danger to troops or noncombatants nearby, inability to engage multiple threats simultaneously, and inability to fire multiple countermeasure shots in rapid succession.

The DSC, combined with the CPI ARC system or rotating turret, overcomes these problem:

Its a Safer Design

When used with the Rotating Launcher, the DSTC comprises approximately 20 individual pellet munitions. The system can aim the DSTC munitions toward any point on up to a 360-degree azimuth. This allows the use of a more confined pellet swarm that can be aimed more precisely. Tighter aiming and pellet swarm size means a smaller danger zone for people nearby. Moreover, the Rotating Launcher can deliver multiple shots into the threat path, thus extending the shot swarm and ensuring defeat of all threat types.

Notional Deployment

The unique ARC system coupled with the RTB (Rocket Towed Barrier) is suitable for deployment on any VTOL aircraft as well as land vehicles.

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Advantages of The ARC Design

  • Can be deployed safely on VTOL Aircraft
  • Threat neutralization at safer distances
  • Only System able to defeat RPG 30 Decoy
  • Lower weight and power budget than others
  • Supports aircraft, ground, shipboard and stationary installations
  • Non-Fratricidal Munition
  • Can Defeat Mutiple Simultaneous Threats
  • Supports multiple specialized munitions
  • Leverages already field proven technology
  • Delivery system supports use of future munitions for new threats without retrofit

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